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Thanks Dr. Dick for an inspiring spirit-filled talk and book signing event.  It was an honour to hear words from an admired chiropractor that has been building our profession’s local profile for over 35 years.  Your book is an engaging summary to the healing principles you have emphasized throughout your successful career.  We were all privileged to benefit.  Thank-you.

Eastern Ontario Chiropractic Society.


A well written book for those looking to improve the quality of their health.  “Healing Satori” is a must read for the public to gain a perspective on health they likely have never considered. A perspective that has the potential to influence ones health and thereby improve the quality of their health throughout their life. Should be read by every Chiropractor, Chiropractic Student and Chiropractic Patient.

Dr. Dennis Mizel

Congratulations on writing and publishing Healing Satori. It is my hope that your book will be read by millions, who are sure to be impacted by it’s message.

Dr. Gilles LaMarch Bsc., D.C. Vice President of University Advancement at Life University

I wanted to share gratitude from myself and our team. Dr. Whale brought your book to our attention last year and as a team we decided to read it, some of us for the 2nd time over a 30 day period…this culminated in a lunch gathering. We all had an opportunity to share some of the takeaways from your book that resonated with us…and believe me 90 minutes was not nearly enough time lol. We all found your writing refreshing, easy to read and understand, and so very relatable!

Pam Christie, Office Mgr. at Whale Family Chiropractic

What a refreshing book.  Healing Satori is simple in its design and presentation but thought provoking and inspiring in its essence.  So many health books come replete with instruction and advice that often conflicts and is quite simply unsustainable.  Healing Satori provides guidance for the typical patient to make massive independent strides towards real viable health.  I can’t imagine any health professional disagreeing with the direction of this book.  I will be sharing this book with each of my patients and I expect many will in turn want to purchase copies for their friends and family.  Well done Dr. Ken Dick.

Dr. D. Matthews

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the book. I enjoyed it immensely. It is powerfully written and the messages sincere and heartfelt.
It is wonderful to see skilled and accomplished practitioners such as yourself share their wisdom and experience as healers. I think that the book should be a mandatory read for any chiropractic student to help instill the enthusiasm and insights that make practice such a gas.

Dr. Douglas Pooley D.C.

A treasure trove of wisdom.  I consider myself a relatively well-balanced, informed and educated individual, but I learned so much from such a seemingly small book.  Dr. Dick is a natural writer and immediately connects to the reader, bringing his observations to light in a way that draws the reader in, rather than preaching.  It is brilliant in its simplicity and ability to reveal human nature and in its ability to reveal us, as readers, to ourselves.  Things I thought I did well or understood…not so much.  Things I’ve been doing intuitively without thinking about it…who knew how beneficial they are.  This book is a light read and at the same time a daunting journey.  Read the book.  Get to know yourself and live a better life.

Cindy Moriarty, Executive Director, Health Programs and Strategic Initiatives.

You have put to print an amazing summary of what our profession is and should be.  It is as easy read but hits home with every chapter.  I believe that anyone who reads this book would want to begin life time wellness care.  It is a must read for all chiropractors, students and public in general.

Dr. Tom Kerr D.C.

I’m only on chapter 7 and I am inspired and want to learn and pay more attention to my health.  The timing is perfect.  I have high blood pressure and take medication.  I started reading your book and my blood pressure is now 119/75.  This is no joke.  I haven’t been less than 140/90 in years.  Thanks for reintroducing me to my old friend innate intelligence.  You really are on to something.  I can’t wait to finish the book.

Paul van Remortel

Hi Dr. Dick.  I just had the pleasure of reading your book.  I thoroughly enjoy the way you write.  It felt like you were talking directly to me with real sincerity.  I enjoyed reading about the obvious passion you have for what you do and for what you have learned.  I am a firm believer in so many of the kenshos that you discussed in your book and I now know many more.  I hope you are proud of this book and I hope you will write more.  I am going to suggest your book to the Book club I belong to.  Thank you so very much.

Rhondi Lee Baird.

I can’t tell you how much I loved your book!  It was well written, thought provoking, and very inspirational.  I will ensure that the rest of my family reads it to get a good dose of your sound philosophy for well being!

Kelly Rankin

In a nutshell, your book has proven to be the best therapy I have had in many years as it made me reflect on many, many things in my life that I did not take much time to think about before.  And it is a helluva lot cheaper than going to a counsellor!  The best 20 dollars I spent in my life!  Haha!

Monica Elaine Campbell

I am in the middle of reading your book and loving it.  I read one chapter at our practice team meeting last week -fantastic way to start our day.  Beautiful work!

Dr. Sean Mahoney

Thank-you for sharing your book with our family.  I would like to purchase four additional copies for my daughters and niece.  I have a similar philosophy with respect to health despite traveling along a very different  path.  Since I have been retired I have had time to increase the focus on my health.  Should we be in a dialogue in your office right now I think you would be telling me I had that ability my whole life.  I want you to know that I truly connected with your book. I believe we are capable of healing ourselves through good daily practices that nurture our bodies and our minds.  Your book is one I plan to reread from time to time.  It’s insights are invaluable, your stories and experiences enjoyable and real and I plan on sharing your book with friends and family.

Mary Sharpe

Congratulations on an excellent production.  I finished reading your book last night and have set it aside to read again.  I have to practice your pearls of wisdom in order to really take in what you are saying (with my innate mind) and not just read (the educated mind).  You have a hidden talent – not just your writing ability, but your ability to observe and understand the fundamentals of human behaviour and reflect that back to us.


I would like to tell you how excellent I think your book is.  I am so impressed by the scope of knowledge you manage to convey, and the simplicity with which you convey it.  I have done much reading on the subject of self-help/healing therapies and still find your book stands out in its approach.  I found your candidness and confidence appealing.  I can hear your voice of integrity in your book and have already shared it with others.  Thank-you.

Lisa Zanyk

My husband and I moved to the ocean 3 years ago.  We enjoy simple things in life, cycling on the country roads, watching the hummingbirds or BBQ’s on our back deck surrounded by trees.  Many of our friends comment “Oh you must be so lonely”, “Don’t you miss the city?”, “You must hate the drive to work?”  I would say to myself…”Am I crazy?”, “is there something wrong with me?”  Your book reconfirmed so many things to me and I am most thankful to you for that.  “Enlightened people crave solitude”.  Nature is my favourite drink too!  I love your book!

Janice MacFadyen

I was given this book recently as a birthday gift.  Dr. Ken writes from a vast experience and knowledge base and decades of helping people of every age attain optimal health, function and performance.  He covers all aspects of health (physical, emotional, psychological) from “big picture”ideas and strategies to help you navigate your way to optimal health to practical, use-now health tips.  This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to take control of their health and age well.  Definitely a book you will want to refer back to and, as I have done, gift to people you care about.

Dr. Sean Mahoney

This book shows us that attaining good health is simple. It is is all about attitude and appreciation as opposed to complex medical treatment. I really appreciated that Dr. Ken Dick sees our nervous system like a well-tuned musical instrument. It constantly needs to remain in tune and this can be accomplished with simple acts like consistent exercise, good nutrition, and sound mental health. The book is easy to read and the chapters are short and to the point. Dr. Dick includes anecdotes from his practice and his personal life. His sense of humour shows up in his writing.

Bob Neufeld

I have read your book and found it very interesting.  I am a senior citizen and have had some recent health issues, causing me to give up on  being active.  The book inspired me to start moving and walking again.  Thank you so much.

Pierre Collin

Excellent book! Dr. Dick takes the reader on a clearly laid out journey on what it takes to be healthy and live a life to the fullest of your abilities, all the while interjecting stories from patients along the way. Dr. Dick’s style of writing makes it an easy book to not only dive deep into, but make you take breaks and ponder the unique insights into what was written . Read the entire book in 2 days and found myself not wanting it to end. Highly recommended!

Dr. David Guest

There are self-help books, and then there’s Dr. Ken W. Dick’s Healing Satori.  While most self-help books offer well-meaning advice on how to change our nature—an impossibility—Dr. Dick’s book shows us how to acknowledge our true nature, the foundation necessary to live a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

Ken Dick is a Doctor of Chiropractic Health, but his book is not a treatise on chiropractic technique.  Nor is it an instruction manual.  “Satori” in Zen Buddhism means “seeing into one’s true nature”.  To guide the reader towards that goal, the book is divided into three sections: Awareness Awakening, Innate Insights and Health Mastery.  Each section contains short chapters called “kenshoes”—the Japanese word that signals enlightenment towards a deeper understanding of one’s self.

“The Healing Satori that I am about to share is satori that I have learned from my upbringing, from observation and from having the experiential benefit of relating to over 9,000 patients,” Dr. Dick says in The Introduction, where he also makes the point that we often miss or ignore the obvious.  “I am reminded daily in my work that patients need to be taught a logical basis of health.”

Also, Healing Satori is not an “us” versus “them” polemic pitting alternative medicine against mainstream medicine.  Dr. Dick acknowledges the crucial role of mainstream medicine in curing diseases.  “Conventional, contemporary medicine is a superb disease management system, yet it is not a healthcare system,” he says.  “It is essential to understand that there is a distinction between disease care and healthcare.”

Each kensho begins with an insightful quote, which Dr. Dick elaborates on.  All told there are 34 kenshos; one, coincidentally, for each year he has been in practice.  From The Search, the first kensho, to The Purpose, the 34th kensho, Healing Satori is an enlightening read; a short book that imparts a deep understanding of real healthcare.  If he were alive today, Prince Siddharta Gautami, the founder of Buddhism, would give the book a ringing endorsement.

David Mulholland is the author of three novels of dramatized history: McNab (2006), DUEL (2009), and Chaudière Falls (2016).  Information on his novels is available at:

I just read the book “Healing Satori” and was quite thrilled to finally find a book that puts all the pieces together for practitioners and patients alike.  Dr. Dick’s approach to the complex nature of healing helps the reader appreciate and recognize the important role of the chiropractor and the necessity to look beyond the binary world of ordinary medicine with it’s reliance on drugs and surgery.  Thank-you so much for taking the time to share your illuminating perspectives!

Dr. Dirk Keenan

I am very impressed with both the quality and content of this book.  It is has great clarity, is very easy and enjoyable to read.  This is one of a few books I will keep and continually refer to in order to re-establish a baseline for a number of life’s processes.  Your focus and numerous discussions on the overall importance of our nervous system in establishing and maintaining good health has certainly hit home with me and reaffirmed my current position to continuously work hard to restore what has been “damaged” by the chemicals used to combat my cancer cells.  I was certainly able to relate to your comparison of the “arts” mind (BIG PICTURE FOCUS) vs. the “scientific” mind (TECHNICAL FOCUS WITH LOTS OF RULES, PRINCIPLES AND LAWS) as it reminded me of my own profession when I explain to people that “accounting was a true art form whereas bookkeeping was a science.”  Great job, well done and very encouraging.

Brian Scott

As a second year chiropractic student at the Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, I would like to thank you for publicly sharing your lifelong reflections in your book. I enjoyed reading every page and I am actually planning on reading it again over the upcoming years! I enjoyed how you managed to translate profound thoughts into a refreshing reading.  Complex, yet simple, the book highlights forgotten aspects of health, which captures the subtle essence of pure health.

Catherine Lemire

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  1. Healing Satori is an uplifting, thought provoking book on the foundations and pursuits of “Health”. It’s the compilation of observations, experiences and touching quotes gathered over the author’s career and lifetime. I am privileged to know the author and attest that the heart of this book resonates with his passion for “Caring” both in his professional and personal lives. An inspiring read, to do better for ourselves.

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