About the Author


Dr. Ken W. Dick started his healthcare journey with experiences close to nature on a fruit and vegetable farm. His family was part of a modern Mennonite community that stressed principles of simplicity, ethics and discipline.

Dr. Ken is a sports enthusiast by hobby, a sports kinesiologist and chiropractor by training and a humble healer by experience. He has been a faculty member of the Canadian College of Natural Healing and lecturer for the University of Ottawa Medical School, Fitness Canada and the Canadian Coaching Association. He has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows and is past president of the Eastern Ontario Chiropractic Society.

Dr. Ken continues to enjoy the privilege of removing obstacles to real, true wellness in a clinic that is constantly evolving, when he is not spending time at his Peanut Lodge cottage or trying to figure out how to putt.  Prospective plans include wondering about his future as a writer or speaker and learning to play the piano.

Dr. Ken works at the Britannia Chiropractic Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario and would be thrilled to hear the opinions and impact felt by reading Healing Satori.  He can be contacted by e-mail at dr.ken@sympatico.ca