Why I wrote Healing Satori

This book is a summary of what I have learned in my lifetime including thirty-four years as a chiropractor. As I begin to close the chapter on my clinical career I have given much thought on ways that I can give back to my profession…and maybe in some way educate, enlighten and inspire.

Healing Satori was written in an effort to share wisdom I feel I have gained with my patients, my colleagues and all their patients and potential patients.  I have enjoyed a marvelous career in chiropractic. It is my humble effort to give back to a profession that has given me a very full and rewarding life.

There is no greater gift than the gift of health.  All of us want ideal health for our family, our friends and ourselves.  Unfortunately, all of us at some point have to face the realities of failing health.  Most of us are at a loss of what we can do to help those in the midst of a health challenge.

Healing Satori is designed to be a gift book to inspire the healthy patient and motivate the ill patient.  It is my hope that the reader will be energized to make a paradigm shift in health philosophy.  It is not a lengthy book and is meant to be read over a couple of evenings.  I actually hope this book will help people to feel healthier just by the experience of reading it.  In turn, it is my dream that others will want to share the message of Healing Satori.

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