Healing Satori – What it means

For over thirty years I have been collecting thoughts and stories of personal experiences with patients. These recollections felt random and disconnected when I first contemplated the idea of writing this book, for I did not know where or how to begin. I was having difficulty even coming up with a title…until one restless night at my cottage. I awoke with a start in the middle of the night and all I could visualize was the Japanese word, “Satori”. Never have I studied Japanese. I did not know where I had heard the word before and I wasn’t even certain of its meaning. My tossing and turning woke my wife, so I looked to her for explanation. While wondering aloud about my sanity, she sleepily informed me that she could not provide definition or clarification. I had no Internet connection at my cottage and no immediate way to understand why the word satori had become so prominent in my mind.

The first thing I did the next day when I had computer access was to research the definition. I discovered that satori could be translated to define awakening, comprehension, understanding, or insight. I could not think of a better collection of terms to describe what I felt compelled to write.

Satori is gained only through personal experiences, and in its simplest form it is described as a new point of view. Some describe it as a light bulb being turned on in the brain or enlightenment to the “big idea”. Satori is followed by a lifetime of further training.

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